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How to make a Secure Property Investment, even if you're a First Time Buyer?
Today, as a home buyer in Bangalore, you need to arm yourself with the right knowledge that will protect your hard earned money.  With the right knowledge you will avoid making costly mistakes.
For example here are two Mistakes first time buyers often make:
Mistake #1: Becoming impressed by the price and not doing your own research
Buying a Property is such a compelling force in our society, people only looking at the price and end up taking decision which may not be in their best interest. It's important to check the background of the builder, and getting a good lawyer by your side to help you make the right decision.
Mistake #2: Not checking efficiency ratio of the Carpet Area to Super Builtup Area
When you're buying an apartment did you know the usable area is usually only 60% to 75% of what you're paying for?  Most first time buyers don't know the difference between carpet area, builtup area & super builtup area.  Because of which they end up paying more per sq ft than what they think. To get the best bang for your buck you should compare the efficiency ratio between the apartments you're considering.
These are only some of the mistakes Home buyers make.  You can become empowered to right decisions when buying your dream home, and earn peace of mind.
In Easy Legals you will get:
We've put in 17+ years of practical experience in Bangalore Real Estate to Build Easy Legals


Over the past 17 years we've completed over 10 Projects, developed more than 10 million sq ft of residential area, and our customers have benefitted in returns of more than 800%.   When we started Vakil Housing, we were crystal clear about a few things:
1. We would never build anything that we wouldn’t want to live in.
2. We would never treat customers the way we wouldn’t want to be treated.
3. We would never offer customers something we wouldn’t want to buy.
We've taken our experience in Real Estate and transferred it into Easy Legals, so that YOU can take the benefit of making a safe & secure property investment.


Here's how you will benefit from Easy Legals


Learn all about the regulatory bodies, to make secure and stress free home buy.
How to trace the history of your property and establish your ultimate ownership.
Things no one told you about Akarama Sakrama and how it affects your home buy.
Become Clear on Every Khata related confusion you ever had.
How to avoid the most common mistakes made at the agreement stage.
Why an occupancy certificate is a Must have before moving in and How to obtain it.
How to ensure Power & water supply for your home.
Pre booking checklist has all that you need to do, for a stress free home buy.
Everything you need to do, before taking possession of your home.
How to find yourself the right property lawyer
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Easy Legals can save you Several Lakhs of your hard earned money

An apartment in Bangalore can cost anywhere between 20 Lakhs to 2.5 Crores. Imagine the costs of making a wrong decision. By arming yourself with the right knowledge, you will be insured against making costly mistakes. 
Almost anyone we speak to has heard of friends who've burnt their fingers due to Legal Issues when buying a property. That's why we created Easy Legals, so that first time apartment buyers can make secure investments.
What is Easy Legals and how can I get it?
Easy Legals is an E-Book that helps first time apartment buyers make secure property investments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I have access to this course?
You will have 1 year access to this course, with free updates during the year.
Are my credit/debit card details secure?
Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.
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Did you know 25% of Court Cases in Bangalore are Property Related?

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you would make in your life. Owning a home is a culmination of a life long dream for you and your family.
As a first time home buyer in Bangalore, the last thing you would want is the risk of putting your hard earned money in the wrong property.
With the lack of transparency in the Real Estate industry, first time home buyers make costly mistakes that result in legal hassles with their property, and at times even lose their property.
This easy to understand & practical online course, will help you make a secure investment, so that you can be a proud owner of a home in Bangalore.
A Sound Understanding of Legal Fundamentals
Simple guides that will help you understand what the legal terms like Khata, OC, EC, Akrama Sakrama mean & how they're important in helping you make the right decision.  You'll know which are the approval bodies (BDA, BMRDA and others) under which your property falls so that you will know if there's any deviation in the construction of the property.



Checklists to help you take Safe Steps
Several checklists at every stage of your journey to buy a property.  You will get a Pre-Booking checklist to know if you're buying from the right builder.  A Post-Booking checklist to be aware of all the important clauses you're signing on.  A checklist at the time of Registration to ensure that the paperwork is in order.


How to get comfortable working with Property Lawyers
Know why it's important to get a good lawyer to verify the titles of the property.  Understand how to get a good property lawyer, understand lawyer's fees & know what to expect. You'll also get a list of qualified lawyers whom you can call.
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Case Studies of common problems Home Buyers face
What happens if the builder delays the construction of your property? What happens if you're asked to move in without the OC? How to get an "A Khata" if you have a "B Khata"?  You will get expert solutions to these common problems.
Take advantage of this launch offer:
If you buy Easy Legals today and don't agree that it is worth every Rupee, just send us an email within 7 days of your purchase and we will promptly refund your money. No Risk. No Hassle. 
Will I get access to the course all at once?
As soon as you buy Easy Legals, you will get access to all the content at once.



How can I get a refund?
To request a refund, just send an email to within 30 Days of your purchase and we will refund your amount in full. There will be no refund after 30 days.



Is it a one time fee?
Yes. You have to pay just once to get 1 year access to the course.



GET IT NOW for Rs 500
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Mrs. Uma Satish, Analytics Professional
For most of us, we buy a home, investing all of our life savings, in addition to loans. My primary concern was that my property should be free of legal issues and I should get safe ownership. However, I did not know what factors to check and what I should ask the builders to show me proof of. Easy legals, gave me a good overview of the approvals from different governing bodies that I should check for. Especially the chapter on Khata (A vs B), Encumbrance Certificate and Occupancy certificate demystified what those documents mean and their importance.

Easy legals will empower you to ask the right questions to the property developer and your property lawyer. Do your due diligence with confidence before buying your dream home and get peace of mind, that your property is really yours.

Kamalika Ghosh
I am new to Bangalore, have done well for myself and thus buying a home was an 'obvious' next step in my life plan. I had almost finalised a deal when the EasyLegal email hit my inbox. Must say…I was saved from being plundered! The EasyLegal e-learning course had so many intricate details like Khata, Encumbrance certificate, Occupational Certificate etc that I should have checked before making a home buying decision, but I’d missed. The course was interactive and such an eye opener. I am today the proud owner of a beautiful house. :-)

Arpita Rao
Finally a product that delivers what it promises! After being dependent on real estate agents trying to dupe me of my money while helping me buy a house, EasyLegal has worked wonders. I have an amazing house of my own today and I haven't lost sleep over it. All legal verticals around buying the house were clear. Thanks to EasyLegal. Finally, the wait was
worth it!

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