With the Easy Vastu E-Book You Can Avoid All the Mistakes People Make When Choosing Their Homes. Now You Can Enjoy Success in Life Without Investing in House Alterations.

Like Supports Like. Anything Else is a Recipe for Chaos
Why does Vastu hold so much importance? Why do some families start thriving after they change the position of their kitchen or remove the mirror from their bedroom?
It is because like supports like. Certain directions are more conducive to sustaining the energy of fire than water. When you set up your bathroom with its strong water component in these regions of the home, you dilute the effectiveness of the fire energy. And it throws the energy of the entire house off balance.
The result? Daily quarrels that lead to mounting tension which in turn impacts work…..you get the picture.
Vastu is Not Magic. It is an Attempt to Keep Energies in Balance and
Energy is the Basis of Life!


So How Can You Ensure That Your Home Is Vastu Compliant Without Spending Thousands of Rupees in Consultations & Home Alterations?
Here’s What You Will Get in The Easy Vastu eBook
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Save At least Rs. 12/Square Feet of Remodelling Charges. Buy a Home That is Vastu Compliant Right From the Get Go and Get Your Pick of Tenants Willing to Pay Steep Rents!

What is Easy Legals and how can I get it?
Easy Legals is an E-Book that helps first time apartment buyers make secure property investments. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I have access to this course?
You will have 1 year access to this course, with free updates during the year.
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Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.
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Finally! A Book on
Everything You Wanted to Know About Vastu, but Didn't Know Whom to Ask

Your grandmother always insists on placing her idols to the North East of the house?
Your friend didn’t pay heed to the Vastu of his new home and he slipped in the bathroom?
You have been having financial problems ever since you rented the apartment that has an
electricity pole in front of the entrance?

These aren’t whims or coincidences.

Whether you are an ardent believer of Vastu or a sceptic who wants to stay grounded in data you can’t deny two facts:

You, the objects around you and everything else on the face of the planet vibrates continuously
      and has an electromagnetic field of its own.

The free flowing energy of the world interacts with these electromagnetic fields and either
raises their vibrations or dampens them.

Vastu Shastra is the ancient architectural science of India which helps people construct homes and buildings that maintain a clear and unobstructed flow of the earth’s energy, keeping maladies like depression, anxiety and general ill health at bay.

There is nothing mystical about Vastu. It is practical, easily implemented and with the right guidelines, understood by even amateurs.

Chapter 1:
A clear introduction to the chapters and what is included in them for easy referencing.





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Will I get access to the course all at once?
As soon as you buy Easy Legals, you will get access to all the content at once.



How can I get a refund?
To request a refund, just send an email to easyhome@vakilhousing.com within 30 Days of your purchase and we will refund your amount in full. There will be no refund after 30 days.



Is it a one time fee?
Yes. You have to pay just once to get 1 year access to the course.



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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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Chapter 2:
Know what Vastu is and what it isn’t so that you don’t feel like you are “giving in to superstitions”.
Chapter 3:
All about the Vastu compass. Get this right and half your job is done.
Chapter 6:
Handling the fire energy in your kitchen. Is your kitchen located right next to the bathroom? Go ahead and paint the ceiling yellow to harmonize the elements.
Chapter 9:
Tips and tricks to properly position your bedroom and keep insomnia at bay! Did you know your cot should never align with sharp corners? It leaves you vulnerable to health complications.


Chapter 11:
Taking good care of your little ones. This section focuses on some dos and don’ts related to setting up a children’s room. Hint: Don’t let the door face their bed!


Chapter 10:
Using the power of Vastu to sharpen your memory and improve concentration. Feeling distracted lately? Color your walls in shades of green and purple for instant relief.


Chapter 13:
Affording the luxury of a guest room even if the space isn’t dedicated to visitors. Vastu principles show you how to structure and decorate this region right and make the most of it.


Chapter 4:
Ushering in money, fame and positivity through the main entrance. Take note of what to avoid when installing a door, like living in a home with a South West ingress.


Chapter 5:
Setting up a beautiful living room that adds to your social status and enlivens your house. Place healthy plants to the North East corner and reenergise your ability to attract wealth.


Chapter 7:
Can your refrigerator meddle with the energies of your dining room. Yes! Place it to the South-East corner and enjoy your meals in peace.


Chapter 8:
Locating a pooja room that positively influences your entire life. Simply praying is not enough. You can focus energies to manifest your wishes faster.


Chapter 12:
Maintaining a lavatory free of negativity. Got red in your bathroom? Remove it right away!


Get Immediate Access to D-I-Y Best Practices for Positioning Important Rooms, Reliable Advice to Place Furniture and Remedies to Counter Existing Violations.

You Are Not Superstitious But the Evidence is Clear!

But what if you already own a Home that is not Vastu compliant?
How will this e-book help?
Is your home affected by these common Vastu problems?
- Entrance of the Home is facing South West direction
- The Pooja room is in the South East area or under the staircase
- Bedroom is located in the South East corner
Easy Vastu gives you inexpensive & easy solutions to all of the above and much more!